Safety and Environment
Steve Ward Contracting Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and contractors and considers health and safety along with environmental protection vital in daily operation. This is evident in the company’s Health & Safety and Environmental Protection programs and policies. Program success is based on a team work organizational structure with solid communication and documentation between company management, health and safety rep. and employees.

Local Procurement and Aboriginal Initiatives
Our company operates in a large geographical area in and around Northwestern Ontario and are committed to the communities we operate in. Commitments included utilizing local trades peoples and procurement practices such as lodging, dining, tool and equipment repair, tires, service and fuel etc.

Many of our projects operate on lands identified by aboriginal communities as their traditional territory. As our neighbours, the company tries to ensure aboriginal communities gain economic benefits such as utilizing local business goods and services, employment on projects, hiring of local contractors and providing other opportunities.

We are committed to a long term approach to increasing aboriginal employment within our operation by providing opportunities and training. We have in the past and continue to employ aboriginal peoples. Our companies “Aboriginal Workforce Initiative Policy” was developed to capture the available work force within the communities we operate.