About Steve Ward Contracting

Steve Ward Contracting Ltd. is a full service contracting firm located in Thunder Bay, Ontario providing construction and heavy equipment services to a variety of industry, government and private sector clients. With over 30 years of excellence, we have a proven track record through efficiency of operations with principle focus on safety and the environment.

We provide a full range of services and knowledge specializing in:

Forestry and Mining

  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Access Trail Construction
  • Bridge and Culvert Construction
  • Site Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Repair and Maintenance
  • Land Clearing
  • Trenching
  • Aggregate Screening
  • Wood Hauling


  • Heavy Equipment Rentals
  • Site Development
  • Excavation – Demolition
  • Sand – Gravel – Topsoil
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Snow Removal
  • Equipment Floating
  • Tilt Deck Service